Frequently Asked Questions

What are the access hours?
  • Access your unit 24/7 with your account in paid status
Am I locked into a lease contract if I rent with Universal Storage Solutions?
  • No, our lease is month-to-month with no minimum or maximum requirement.
How do I pay my rent each month?
  • We offer several methods to pay your rent.
  1. Call the facility and make a payment over the phone.
  2. Use our website to login and pay.
  3. Use our mobile app.
  4. Stop by the facility and pay in person or with our onsite kiosk.
Is automatic draft available as a payment option?
  • Yes, you may request to have your rent drafted via AutoPay at the time you complete your lease, or at any point thereafter for your convenience.
How does your billing cycle work?
  • We do our billing on a standard calendar month. Rent is due on the 1st of each month.

Do you do pro-rated rent for middle of the month move-ins/move-outs?
  • We pro-rate rent based on the date you move-in, but we do not pro-rate on your move-out. For example, if you schedule your move-out for the 15th of the month, you’ve purchased the entire month and will not receive a refund for moving out early.
What items am I not able to store at your facilities?
  • Food of any kind (whether canned, boxed, non-perishable, etc.), plants, animals, gasoline, propane, any combustible materials, or any stolen/illegal goods.
Do you accept packages or deliveries?
  • No, for liability reasons, we cannot accept deliveries on behalf of our customers.
Is a staff member or manager onsite 24/7?
  • No, our office hours vary from location to location,but you can always reach us by calling the facility office number. Someone will get back to you, even if after posted business hours.
Do you have security measures at your facilities?
  • Yes, all our facilities are gated and each customer has a unique entry code for access into the facility, as long as the account is current. We also have state-of-the-art camera surveillance at each location, with interior and exterior surveillance.