Notice of Property Auction in Johnson City on August 20th, 2021


Universal Storage Solutions (USS) will conduct a Public Online Auction on August 20th, 2021 at 12:00 PM for a storage unit with a past due balance at 100 Lab Connect Lane Location #4 in Johnson City, TN. The contents of these storage units will be available for sale to satisfy a lien for past due storage charges on units- A02 Kimberly Reitzel, B57 Freddy Hartley, A08 Christy James, F240 Kimberly Wade, G249 Tammy Killen, B70 John Perdue, B189 Mark Walker, A17 Joshua White, H317 Rachel Phipps, H279 Rachel Phipps. For more information on this auction, please call 423-946-3158 or visit storageauctions.com. All sales are final.